Solid Surface Materials

Solid Surface Material is a homogeneous material that is easy and simple to maintain. To keep its new and fresh look, you are advised to observe some routine maintenance procedures.


For dirty and stained surface, please clean it with an ammonia-based cleanser and with water and soap. Then wipe dry using damp cloth or sponge. For dark colours, please dry it with towel.


Even though Solid Surface Material has an excellent heat resistant property compared with other ordinary countertops, placing hot pans and some heat-generating appliances such as frying pans or crockpots can damage the surface. Always use a cork pad or a trivet with rubber stand to protect the surface. Prolonged heat with temperature at or over 80°C or 170F can damage the surface.


Avoid exposing Solid Surface Material to chemicals such as paint remover, oven cleaner, etc.


Do not cut anything directly on the surface. Always use a cutting board.

Note: Above information is based on the current state of technical knowledge and does not constitute to any form of guarantee. It is the users’ responsibility to comply with the regulations.